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Know the Worth of Your Chinese Ceramic Pieces


When it comes to antiques, few things get people around the world as excited as Chinese ceramics. Showing off more than 1,000 years of aesthetic and production advances, Chinese ceramics boast a beauty that continues to resonate with antique collectors at every level of the market.

While Chinese ceramics are certainly sought-after antiques, not all of them are created equally. For this reason and the ones discussed below, it’s vital for you to have your Chinese ceramics appraised.

Not Realizing You Have an Actual Treasure

If you follow the news regarding the antique community, you may have heard stories about people buying something for a few dollars at a garage sale only to discover the piece was worth millions. That’s exactly what happened when one lucky person purchased a Chinese “Ding” bowl for $3.00 dollars at a yard sale which ultimately sold for $2.2 million at an auction in 2013.

While the yard sale shopper certainly got lucky in the true tale we just shared, imagine how agonizing it must have been for the person who literally let a treasure worth millions of dollars go for a few dollars. To avoid that happening to you, you need to know the value of your Chinese ceramics.

Avoid Overpaying for Chinese Ceramics

Knowing what the Chinese ceramics you already have are worth can help you avoid overpaying for similar items as you add to your collection. Chinese ceramics differ greatly in several contexts, including where, how, and when they were made. They even differ in the way they feel in your hands. By having your Chinese ceramics appraised, you’ll be better prepared to recognize great deals and save more money for future purchases by not paying too much for additions to your collection.

Avoid Getting Duped

It’s been widely reported that Chinese chicken cups became the most faked Chinese ceramics after a rare set of originals sold at an auction for $36 million in 2014. Rare pieces that are worth millions are far from the only imitations that both dubious and unwitting sellers attempt to pass off as originals, however. Even pieces that are much more common are reproduced often.

When you have your ceramics appraised, you’ll know they’re authentic. You can also decrease the odds that you’ll be duped into buying a reproduction because you’ll be even more knowledgeable about Chinese ceramics.

Securing the Right Amount of Insurance

It’s impossible to know if you have enough insurance for your Chinese ceramics if you don’t know what they’re worth. In general, homeowners insurance will only cover antiques up to a set dollar amount, which means you could be out a significant sum if that amount is less than the value of your collection and it’s lost, damaged, or stolen. Have your ceramics appraised so you can secure the appropriate amount of insurance.

Blue Shelf Art Advisory: Your Source for Chinese Ceramic Appraisals

As the founder of Blue Shelf Art Advisory, Joey Chait has traveled to every major Asian country and he has studied with renowned scholars and museum curators. Chait is an expert in Chinese ceramics, and your source for Chinese ceramic appraisals.

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